Herosetya Nofario was Crafted by my mother and my father when they got loving each others. Born with natural spontaneous mind. I’m getting so weird when my team (Manchester United) lose in their games. I really don’t know how to fix that weird….S**t is my favorites words rather than F**k. But F**k is a great way to determine your hopeless to get something.

Job – F**k your job nicely. And you’ll get the best way to high-up your dream.

Love – Love is S**t when you don’t know how to treat them nicely. But love is f*****g great when you know how to deal with them properly.

Hobby – This is the best thing to treat yourself.

Friends – They are fake when you don’t treat or love them in the right way. Hey, they are real when you love them honestly.

Family – I’m really f*****g don’t know how to run my life without them.



5 thoughts on “Me…

  1. programmerasik says:

    gan mantap banget blognya gan!! kebetulan ane juga suka vb net

    boleh share blognya ga gan??

    sekalian gan kalau ada yang bagus boleh izin copas ga??

  2. Boleh bgt gan…..

    Sok atuh kalo mau di copas….Ilmu harus saling dibagi, bener nga….^-^ v heheheheh

    Kalo gw ada kesulitan di, bisa minta tolong agan nih…Saring sharing kita….=:^]

  3. programmerasik says:

    siip dah…
    thanks gan.. iah saling berbagi itu nikmat gan, kalau ada ilmu jangan lupa share ke ane ya gan di twitter @rezaf_

  4. sigit says:

    blognya sip… mantab2..

    share ilmu manteb jg, kebetulan aku jg kadang make, tapi masih newbee..jadi masih butuh banyak belajar n nanya sana-sini..

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