The Pursuit of Pep(ness)

The world of football shocked when Pep Guardiola ‘The Catalan’ has agreed with Bayern München. NGuardiolaobody every mentioned Bayern as his first choice over the other giants such as : Man. United, Chelsea, or Man. City. I don’t really bother about his arriving in Bayern. I don’t care! At least his sabbatical was over. It means the sugar daddy in world of football likes Abramovich or Sheikh Mansour will stop chasing this man who people-claimed as the best manager in the world. I’m not his biggest fan! But to be honest with you, I admit he’s one of the greatest manager ever. Even some people claims his Barcelona’s natural wonder was made by the old legacy. Yes, Frank Rijkaard has planted seeds and Pep Guardiola who picked the fruits. But 14 trophies in Barcelona’s cabinets was presented by this man in only 4 years. Such an ace coach! La Liga (3): 2008–09, 2009–10, 2010–11 Copa del Rey (2): 2008–09, 2011–12 Supercopa de España (3): 2009, 2010, 2011 UEFA Champions League (2): 2008–09, 2010–11 UEFA Super Cup (2): 2009, 2011 FIFA Club World Cup (2): 2009, 2011 During his sabbatical days, rumors about what his next destination has filled headlines in some newspaper. Some newspapers says he and Alex Ferguson had a meeting in New York. It is the third time he and Alex Ferguson have met in 2012. I got a feeling he will be a next United manager for the summer 2013. But, it blew up last night when Bayern claims they got this Catalan man. Then it means United will be coached by Sir Alex Ferguson for the next couple of years. Did I feel jittery about this? No, I didn’t! I felt a lot of David Moyes the man who was claimed by Sir Alex for the next successor in United. What I do like about David Moyes is his persistent to accommodate a young lad for success in a club. No, please don’t compare his trophy-less with Pep Guardiola. This will be a gigantic comparison. And of course it’s not fair enough to see how great he is. Chelsea (perhaps) will be the one who were sad to hear this news. Rafael Benitez who has been appointed Chelsea interim manager until the end of season would be very pleased about this news. Yes, he won’t hear anything about Pep Guardiola’s rumors arriving to Chelsea (over and over). But does their sugar daddy (Abramovich) can get over it? I don’t think so! He adores attacking-style into the match. And he likes if Chelsea can bring this idea on the pitch. Look at the players he bought the last summer. All the players are attacking-minded. So, what’s plan B for Chelsea in term of their permanent-gaffer next season? A lot of people assume it will be down to their ex-manager. Jose Mourinho is still on the verge to come back again in England. What had happened in Real Madrid in recent months would be justified in the end of this season. Bring it to Chelsea and he will bring a joy for fans….. Back to North West England where a new rich club has been raised up. Manchester City needs their man to be more wild. I don’t know if Mancini is not best as they want. They got a lot of skillful players from bottom to upfront. They need a man who can bring a lot of trophy in their cabinets. They sick of being laughing stock of the neighbour. Manchester United have been dominating in many miles and they can’t get over it. Pep Guardiola will be a pipe sucker to stop the domination of Manchester United in the years ahead. They have brought Begiristain to lure Pep Guardiola to City. As we know Begiristain is a man who promoted Guardiola (Barcelona B) to be a manager of Barcelona in 2008. What’s plan B for Man City for their next gaffer? I didn’t hear anything yet….They must be devastated to face it! On the next journey of Pep Guardiola in Bayern München is to bring Bayern sit back on the perch as a greatest club in the world. He’ll be insisted to imitate Barcelona’s success in Spain and world. What will happen to the style of Bayern in the next season? It’s interesting to see his formidable success with tiki taka in Bayern. Arjen Robben can’t play around in the inverted-winger as usual….hahaha. Passing will be main focus to accommodate Pep’s style. But it can be a new challenge to him if he combine the football culture among two greatest country of football. Can he success with Bayern soon? Sieh Sie als nächstes Jahreszeit Herr……

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