Proud Days of All Muslims

Idul Fitri 1432 HToday is a special days for Muslims all over the world. I’m certain that every single Muslims will celebrate this day. Eid Mubarak is one of the precious day for Muslims. After Ramdhan has ended up, we’re reforming our ‘spirit’ to be something ‘new looks’. Ramadhan has taught us to control ourselves behave in particular. Fasting is the way of Ramadhan gives us the lessons. Being a good person is the one of end result.  Our ‘nice’ behaviour is not only come in Ramadhan. We should keeping it up every single days of our lifes.

In Indonesia, we have tradition when Eid Mubarak is coming through. Pulang Kampung (Back to hometown) is the special moments to gather with family. What I was learning about Islam, pulang kampung isn’t really the-must-thing you have to do. Like I say before, it’s just tradition. But, it’s massive tradition for me. Positively, it’s remind you once, to thinking the togetherness with family.  We’ve been working very hard to boost up our economical things. But it’s time to leave our selfishness and thinking our main prioritize ; family.

Pulang kampung could be an alternatif to just remind us to childhood. How we’ve grown up. Or make some chit chat with old pals. Moreover, it’ll be fun. ……..^_^v

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