Different Angles Of Batam


Welcome to Batam

Batam is one of the city in Indonesia. The location isn’t far from Singapore (Approx. 20 km). Though I’ve been living here almost 4 years, but I was reluctantly taking some pictures. And I’ll show you guys some of those pictures of Batam…..Enjoy it. Thanks to my friend, Een who took those nice pictures….

Batam is the prominent city for most of the workers in Indonesia. It offers huge salary per month. Batam is dominated by industries such as : oil & gas, plastics, electronics, etc. Okay, we got huge salary but how about the living costs here? Like others big cities in Indonesia, of course it costs you more.






I’ll parts those pictures based on the location.

Here’s is the first part. Yes, I’ll be pointing to the airport. Hang Nadim Batam is one of the biggest airport in Indonesia >>>

Hang Nadim Airport










Welcoming your willingness to get here ^_^

Welcome to Batam

































Busy Road












One of the famous place to visit in Batam is Barelang Bridge…>>>

Barelang Bridge











Barelang Bridge II











Barelang Bridge III
















Barelang Bridge IV











Barelang Bridge V











Barelang Bridge VI











Barelang Bridge VII






















River II






















River V











River VI











River VII












These pictures aren’t describe the whole land of Batam. Dude, there are a lot of places in here which is awesome to visit. Grab your passport and ID, ordering the ticket to Indonesia. And……Batam is your lists when holidays coming…^_^v

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2 thoughts on “Different Angles Of Batam

  1. i think batam is nice city, my friend had been worker at there, just for senior high school graduate, he got salary more than college graduate at jakarta….. but he said that life cost in batam is so expensive…… thanks for your share bro, your picture is beautiful, especially barelang bridge, its so amazing 🙂 nice to know you

  2. Thank you mate!!! So, when you’ll get here? v^_^v

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