Dude, We’re Gonna be Fine!



When do you want to get married? That’s question always blow your mind in the first place of dictation. No merciful! And it will stab you before you know how to handle the pressures. When you’re not ready to present for the commitment,  you’ll be very reluctant to answer with ‘yes’ word. For some dudes, married is not just declare your status as single to be relationship. It needs a lot of willingness to change your ‘casuality’ life. I mean, when you ready to hook-up yourself with commitment (married), you have to understand that ahead of your life will get more difficult. There are two peoples with different culture, lifestyle, and many more get unity in one word calls family. If do you think you’re ready to married, ask yourself whether you’re willing to share everthing with your ‘soulmate’. In the simple words, there are no secret anymore. Dude, I think it’s the hard part of the games.

Married is not only talk about sex! It’s how two peoples getting together and run the daily –life join in the same path of mind. Of course there is a huge obstacles around your life living together. I don’t need to explain what obstacles will come out. You know better! This is not my experiences but I found a lot of married people were getting ‘smack’ each others when the problems persists on they’re lives. And the results of those cases struck with divorces. I don’t want to end up my married with divorce. Do you know why divorce as the final word when the couples can’t find any solutions? It’s because no one is trying to admit the mistakes. They’re busy to blame each others whose raising the problems.

I’m not skeptical with word ‘married’. But I’m trying to ‘translate’ the real meaning of married.  It’s so mean if I went-off the problem by hitting the wife or I blame her cheating on me. God, what a douchebag am I…..I am not perfectionist person who always ask the ‘perfect’ stuffs for girls. Rather I want to get the girl who know me better as part of her life. At my age right now, I’m feeling that I’m not ready to take the commitment. I am still finding myself as ‘boy-player-games’. It means I want to more challenges in my life to pursuit my ideas. It’ll be tough for me to direct my focus on family in this time.

The frame of family have been already inside my mind. But once again, I’m not ready to go through right now. It must be fun to have baby and wife as your ‘power’ to run your fruitful life. Moreover, It’ll be growing your mind to be wiser.

At a glance, raising family is not hard as you think. But in the real life, It’ll more difficult as you have to accomodate every single person needs to take on your account. You’re not only have one family, but more. Are you ready?

There are some positives things when you get married :

  1. It’s the primary a man seeks so much ; sex. In Asia, married is the crucial part before you decide to sex with opposites. It’ll be legal without any gossip on you. You know that….
  2. You have someone to share with.
  3. When you at home after working, you have someone who always smile at you.
  4. You have someone who always support you in the first place
  5. You have friend when you go to holidays
  6. You have someone who always prepare your dine.
  7. You have purpose of your life. What are you looking for in your job is your family
  8. Many more

When you’re not ready to take the commitment, it’s okay. You got me! Dude, we’re gonna be fine.

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