Solutions to Install SQL Server 2005.msi in Windows 7

That’s really bothering our time when we are receiving error message  to install the sql server 2005 in our Windows 7 directly. I don’t know why it can’t be smoothly install that particular file in our Windows 7. We are fighting with the terrible moments. I had been searching along way in the google. For the first time, it seemed no any other conclusions. Oh My Dear God, why this crap happened to me! But God knows how to solve the problem sooner or later.

I just take a look some forum in the Internet. And it suggested me to run the file through Command Prompt. What? I thought it can’t solve my problem. Hey, you don’t even try that solutions. Ok, I assumed if this can’t be run I will try other solutions even it will be taking miles of road. So I followed the instructions…..Yes, it runs smoothly on my Windows 7.  (this problem had really happened to me back in 6 months ago)

Here’s the solutions I’ve got :

  1. First click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt
  2. Remember when you click the Command Prompt you should be an administrator. The way to get this is really simple. You just right click on the Command Prompt and Run as administrator (I assume you know more than me as a newbie…hehe)
  3. When the command prompt pop-up and asking you to get User Account Control, you simply click ‘Yes’
  4. The command prompt editor will be displayed
  5. You have to determine where the .msi file (SQL installer) has been put in your computer.
  6. I suggest, it will be better if you put that file in C directory
  7. In command prompt editor you have to change the directory. For example : in my case when I go to the command prompt editor it’s pointing me to “<C:\Windows\system32>”. It means I have to change the directory of my files to be executed. So change it! As I put my .msi file in the C directory, I just change the directory to C. The way to do this is, you type on the command prompt editor cd\
  8. The command prompt editor will be changed to C:\>
  9. And it’s almost final execution. Type in the command prompt the name file. It should be precised right away. And don’t forget to add .msi. Because it read your file in the complete direction.

The command prompt look like this :


Run it and SQL Server 2005 will be installed smoothly on you Windows 7….Hope this can help you guys. Sorry if this way is not really fresh. I just want to share what I know—-Herosetya Nofario.

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