Osama Bin Laden : Is he real hero for America?

Yesterday, I had shocked when I was watching news on television. Osama has been found on dead body. Was he really been killed? I was seeing his bloody-dead picture. Oh God, the number one terrorist as US-claimed was killed so easy. There are numbers of people don’t believe on picture has been taken. I am very interesting of a blog that claimed that particular picture was really fake. He brought me to the controversial ‘experiment’. He pointed out the picture was same as 1998 when it took. He explained in more details and technical. I just figured out, it really was damn same. I looked out the smiley face and the head position. It looks so similar backed on the 1998 photos. I don’t know how to believe the photo with that clumsy fake.

I am not Osama-fans. But if that story (Osama dead) was true, I am so super glad. Terrorist is not tolerance in our worlds nowadays. The most-dangerous terrorist front man has death. But when we are back to the fact about the photo, it gives us some unproven things. Still, we have to find the truth on it. I am not superficial scientist, but even ‘usual-person’ can say that the photo is no longer valid to easy-calm people about terrorist things. I know in this hypocrite worlds, terrorist is quite relevant with political issues. If we want to explore this news, we have to think ahead.

As we know, US is on the verge of economical down. They were using huge money to boost-up the military stuffs.  Afghanistan and Libya were some examples how they spent that money for unimportant things. Of course, that will be agenda for them to gain more money from “the terrorist-countries claims”. And when they launched the attack to those countries with huge military sides, they were on wrong predictions. They got resistant from those countries. It caused a lot of damage for US; money and soldier. Now, US want the money back to boost the economical things. A lot of US citizens were so skeptical to see how this country will be in the future.

If I related to the Osama dead news, it can be perceived as the win-win solutions for US. The US government want to get support from the peoples again. It could be realized, if peoples believe that the main job (anti-terrorist)  has been done so perfect. And the news gave some fresh air for peoples to stop complaining the government. So as my topic : Is Osama a real hero for US? I can say, yes he is……

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