Daily your face…

How’s your day mate?…..

That’s crap question always attached you every day by the colleagues. It’s okay when you get on your day with smile. But how about if you are not on mood. You don’t want to answer that stupid question, do you?! It’s really bothering you all day long….”My day is not really well.” Do we need to answer like that. No, we don’t!!! We don’t want people to know our problem. You know if you get on trouble (I mean in your private life), mostly people want to get the info about you as much as possible….What a wonderful world!!! Try to get off from the trouble dude! Make sure your day is full of joy. Even it is fake and not real from your routine-days. Some examples from your face (perhaps) on daily basis :
1. Wake-up face
This face is always snap you every you wake up from the bed. Your face say : “C’mon why my night is so fast!!” And it will be great if you imagine your boss. What a long day it will be?! Do I need to say that I’m sick today? Or I hope this day is Sunday. Dude, this day is Monday…..Goddamn it!!!

2. Breakfast face

This face is describe you when get the breakfast. Your face say : “I have to full enough for the breakfast. Today is my long journey in my office. And…..and I have to face with my ‘bastard’ boss. So I have to prepare it well. First, don’t let’s my belly get empty.” Dude hope your day is going well. Don’t make a mistake. You’ll ruin your day. Prepare yourself to see ‘ugly’ face….^-^

3. Lunch face

“Thanks God! It’s lunch time. I have to eat as much as I can.” Wow…you’re out of trouble here. This is your world. Don’t ever think about your job or office. Or your boss…. One of your colleagues throw the question : “Hey, How’s your job today? Is it okay?” You’ll reply him : “F**k you! Don’t ask me about the office. I am getting lunch right now.” You’ll be so sensitive. I know you got  trouble here….hehehe. But don’t blame your colleagues dude. “I am not sensitive….okay!” Oppss sorry dude…but…but yeah you so sensitive….”I say don’t f**k with me….”        papparapp dumbidam dim dum dum.

4. Office hour – a lot of task – a lot of pressure – a lot of enemy

“What the hell!!” I haven’t done with my first tasks. And this ‘bastard’ boss give me another tasks. Errrgggghhh, I hope this office will burn tomorrow!!!” Easy dude, don’t get mad. Take it easy. Do your first tasks on the first place. Then continue with the new tasks. “You bloody fools, You are not me. You don’t fell like I do! Stop with your bullshit!” Okay…I’m sorry, but keep focus and aiming your mad into positive channel….”Get out!!!” *throwing a plate.   Run!!!!!

5. Off the office hours – home sweet home

“I am totally great!!! I fell a lot of energy on my body. World is so beautiful. Why I fell this positive energy?” Dude, it’s because we are off the office hours…Don’t too much for this happiness. Tomorrow is Tuesday. A long week for holidays. “You still here!!! Get out you from my desk!!!” No, I want with you together dude…..*fighting scene **&&^^%^&&&**&^))((*&

My point is don’t fell pressure with your job. Your job is never give you a chance to get happy. It’s always give you trouble. But, if you’re taking your job properly. I don’t fell you’ll get any trouble. Please don’t mix-up your personal life into your office. Always smile and fell that your job is your hobby. Treat your job nicely. Mostly, people is always making excuse to the job. And it’ll be a jeopardy for life. Boss is the one who loves you so much. ^-^

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